Audiodice made a return to the decks after almost 10 years between 2008 and 2018. Pioneer of some of the most unique parties ever seen on the South Coast of the UK, and now within 1 year creating the freshest brand to be at in within a year. now playing regular slots at House Party Events across Europe, a well balanced DJ with plenty of tunes in his record box to keep the party going for hours.

In his Own Words:

“2 of the best memories that come to mind are playing a gig off the back of my 1st ever release in the deep south of Brasil in the early 200’s. and of course the Spit bank fort party, 600 clubbers on a fort in the middle of the sea, and of course we rocked it. Glad to be part of what is growing to be a huge brand in Europe. This is going to be such a unique party in Cyprus, what better back drop could you ask for to return for the 2nd year in 2019”